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Multimode SC Fibre Panels Loaded Duplex

Multimode SC Fibre Panels Loaded Duplex

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Multimode SC Duplex Fibre Panel Loaded are supplied pre-loaded with SC adaptors for fast and easy installation. Each SC Fibre Patch Panel can be supplied for either multimode or singlemode applications.

To assist with installation a cable management kit is supplied comprising of a:

  • 24 way splice bridge,
  • 2 x cable entry glands,
  • 4 x self adhesive cable management ties,
  • 4 x cage nut fixing set, and
  • blanks for unused ports.

For installing the Sliding Drawer SC Patch Panel into a Cabinet a pair of fixing arms is also supplied. Each panel has multiple pre stamped cable entry positions on rear.

Available with 8, 12, 16, or 24 Ports