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Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files stored on the user's browser, which allow information to be stored so that the website can be tailored to the user's needs. 

Disabling Cookies

You can find out more about Cookies and instructions for how to disable cookies at:  If you disable cookies certain functions of our website may no longer be available to you or may be less effective or convenient.

This website uses the following cookies.

Basket Cookie

There is a cookie to allow the user to add products to a shopping basket, which in turn can be converted to an order.

User Login

When the user logs in to the website, a cookie is saved so the browser knows this process has happened.  The user can then view their previous orders and place orders without having to complete their delivery address and invoice address each time.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics cookies are used on the website to track what pages are viewed so that we can improve the user experience.  In the process your IP address and location data may be transferred to Google Inc in the USA where your rights are protected under the EU-US Privacy Shield Treaty. Personal details entered into the site are never sent to Google Inc.


If you would like any further information please contact [email protected]