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Screened VS Unscreened Cables

Both screened and unscreened network cables have been used for many years, and they both offer different benefits. Shielded cabling originally became popular mainly in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France, and the rest of the world supported unshielded cables. Now, it has been found across the globe, that although both types of cable work perfectly at lower data rates, screened cables have shown their superiority through their performance over higher data rates.

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Cabling Standards - What You Need to Know

Within the cabling industry, there are four main standards bodies who are all responsible for developing industry protocols. These standards specify the differing levels of performance required for different components, such as cables, connectors, installation, field testing, and administration. Having these globally recognised standards ensures that the systems perform at their required level, allowing customers to compare competing products, knowing that quality has been maintained throughout.

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Are you Aware of the Risks of Copper Clad Aluminium Cables?

Over the past year, we have seen a resurgence in Copper Clad Aluminium (CCA) RJ45 patch leads on the market, driven by a weakened pound and higher copper prices. The decrease in the strength of the pound, combined with the rising price of copper, has resulted in the price of pure copper patch leads (insulated cables with a plug at each end) to rise. With the market changing in such a way, it raises the question as to whether businesses should be considering a cheaper alternative or remain loyal to the industry standard when it comes to purchasing RJ45 patch leads.

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