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Uspace 4210 600w x 800d Comms Racks with Vented steel door

Uspace® 4210 600w x 800d Comms Racks with Vented Doors are Designed and manufactured in the UK using the latest precision, state-of-the-art punching and folding technology.
This dynamic range of enclosures is assembled using USytems® Tough Torque®  construction method.
Cabinets are finished in Light Grey.

The cabinet comprises 360-degree open access Tough Torque® fastened frame, lockable AirTech® glass perforated front door, vented top cover, steel side panels, lockable Airtech® perforated steel rear door, a pair of front and rear 19inch mounting angles, cable management rings, transport castors.

  • 1 pair front 19inch mounting angles
  • 1 x lockable Vented door
  • 1 x lockable steel rear door
  • 2 x lockable side panels
  • 1 x vented top cover
  • Set (4) transport castors - Must be removed once the cabinet is sited and before any equipment being install

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