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Patchsee Class6Patch Cat6 U/UTP Intelligent Patch Leads

Patchsee® is a European manufactured Intelligent Patch Cable Solution that lets you identify the Remote End of your RJ45 Patch Lead by a Patent Pending Plastic Optical Fibre moulded into the cable. By using the PatchLight® Light Injector on the Near end of your Patchsee® BasicPatch® Lead you can trace the cable at the Remote end by setting the Injector to pulse its LED Light to make cable tracing as easy as 123!


  • Clear visual identification increases security when handling network connections 
  • No more plugging and unplugging the wrong cables, no more basic mistakes causing downtime for information services
  • Confirm links before disconnecting servers and other connections
  • Light identification by plastic optical fibre
  • Lengths from 0.6 m up to 4.9m for patch panel and terminal links
  • Removable colour clip, 16 colours available
  • Unique serial number marking on the cable
  • Each patch cord is individually tested