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OWL Zoom 2 / Laser Owl 2 ST Singlemode Test Kit | KIT-Z2-L2ST | Products

OWL Zoom 2 / Laser Owl 2 ST Singlemode Test Kit

OWL Zoom 2 / Laser Owl 2 ST Singlemode Test Kit

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Part No: KIT-Z2-L2ST

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Comprising of ZOOM 2 Power Meter & Singlemode Light Source

The ZOOM 2 is a highly accurate hand-held optical power meter, capable of measuring optical power and optical loss in a wide range of test environments, including LAN, MAN, WAN, Telco, CATV, Manufacturing, and Laboratory. A 2.5mm universal and 1.25mm universal connector port are included to connect to a wide variety of popular fiber optic connectors, including SC, ST, FC, LC, MU, and other SFF. The ZOOM 2 is enclosed in high-impact plastic, and a protective rubber boot provides additional shock protection. Its easy-to-read 4-digit LCD display shows optical power in dBm and dB, selected wavelength, and battery power, and it has an intuitive 2-button interface for controlling power ON/OFF and wavelength selection.

Laser OWL Series fiber optic light sources offer fiber optic professionals a cost effective option for high quality singlemode fiber testing in a compact, handheld package. The temperature compensated outputs are calibrated to couple -10dBm into singlemode fibers. Light source options are offered with either 1310nm or 1550nm, or both 1310nm and 1550nm sources installed. The sources are simple to operate with an intuitive two-button interface controlling power and selecting the output wavelength. LED indicators highlight the selected source and verify that battery power is sufficient to maintain the calibrated output power.