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Neutrik & VFX2000BK Premium H.D SDI Video Cables

By using the Neutrik BNC plugs which are the market leader for BNC's as they feature a true 75ohm design that meets stringent requirements of high frame HDTV.

They also sustain consistent impedance at high frequencies up to 4.5Ghz along with the VFX2000BK cable which is LSOH 75ohm low loss coaxial cable.

This is designed to work in a variety of applications from low frequency audio up to high-bandwidth installations like long runs of SDI which makes this the perfect soltion for high quality BNC video cables!

  • Neutrik & VFX2000BK BNC to BNC Cable
  • BNC Male to Male
  • 75ohm LSOH cable and connectors
  • Availabe in 1m, 5m, or 20m lengths