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LanXPLORER PRO Premium In-Line Network Tester | Products

LanXPLORER PRO Premium In-Line Network Tester

LanXPLORER PRO Premium In-Line Network Tester

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R150001 Ideal LanXPLORER PRO Premium In-Line Network Tester

Check out our application video:

The new Lan XPLORER PRO R150001 from IDEAL INDUSTRIES is the first hand-held network maintenance and troubleshooting tool capable of testing active LAN connections over both copper and fibre.Additionally most tests can be performed through a Wi-Fi connection liberating the user from having to make a physical connection to the network.This “multi-media” capability makes LanXPLORER Pro the most versatile network tester on the market today.Aimed at professional installers IT administrators, network technicians and system integrators in any enterprise, campus or industrial Ethernet environment LanXPLORER PRO is packed with features that help to quickly identify and isolate network connectivity problems.The unique Netmap/Net Verify function for example helps reduce down-time by comparing a previously stored network device list against the current device list making any changes to the network easily identifiable.

  • Intuitive operation via a full-colour 3½” touch-screen display
  • Performs network tests over copper, fibre or Wi-Fi links
  • Full inline Gigabit testing through dual RJ45 copper ports with full PC diagnostics (Top Talkers, protocols, packet size distribution, etc.)
  • Identifies active devices on the network which can be compared with historical data
  • DHCP client, Ping and Traceroute tests with VLAN support
  • Monitoring of VoIP calls and quality, including RTP jitter
  • Detection of POE and POE+ with voltage, current, power and load tests
  • Best in class Wiremapper capable of testing by pin (includes length measurement)
  • Full bandwidth Layer 1, 2 and 3 Loopback device
  • Wire tracing function in combination with an Amplifier Probe
  • Premium kit available that includes replacement RJ-45 inserts, rechargeable battery, mains adapter and amplifier probe available
  • Made by Ideal Industries in the EU

Package Contents:

  • 1 x LanXPLORER PRO Test Unit, 1 x Remote Unit #1, 1 x NiMH Battery Pack, 2 x Patch Cables, 30cm, Cat5e STP,
  • 1 x Power Supply w EU/UK Adapter, 1 x IDEAL Amplifier Probe 62-164, 1 x Manual on CD, 1 x Quick Reference Guide,
  • 1 x Carrying Case, 1 x RJ45 Insert/Extract Tool, 10 x Lifejack RJ45 Inserts.
  • ***Fibre SFP modules not included***