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Flat Pack 600mm 19 Inch Wall Racks with Vented Glass Door

Flat Pack 600mm 19 Inch Wall Racks with Vented Glass Door

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Flat Pack 12u 600mm Wall Rack/ Box & Vented Glass Door with Locking Side Panels

The Velocity 12u Flat Pack wall rack box cabinet is a range of 19” 600mm deep wall mount enclosures designed for installation of both cabling and equipment, and is suitable for LAN cabling, Telco application and Audio Visual and Security equipment.

Each cabinet is designed with ease and flexibility of mounting with removable back panel for uneven walls and a Quikfit Hanging Bracket for ease of installation making fitting a one man operation. Each cabinet comes with 20 cage nuts and screws.

With modern functional aesthetics this cabinet will perform functionally in any application.

The Velocity Quikfit 600 series Wall box also has a range of cabinet enhancements including screen printed U numbering system on front 19” rails, fitted earth bonding straps and a separate earth bonding point.

Fully adjustable 19” Rails for mounting equipment precisely and removable lockable side panels for ease of access and maintenance.

Workable Depth inside racks 540mm

  • Removable Lockable Side Panels
  • Adjustable Mounting Rails Front & Rear
  • Includes Quikfit Hanging Bracket
  • Quick Release Reversible Tempered Glass Door
  • Removable Rear Panel for uneven walls
  • Superior Airflow for Equipment Cooling
  • Top and Bottom Cable Entry Plate



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