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C13 IEC Lock to Right Angled Schuko Plug Black Leads

C13 IEC Lock to Right Angled Schuko Plug Lead

The new IEC-lock power lead design provides a simple way of securing a power lead to any electrical appliance that uses an IEC type mains lead.

As with most good designs the IEC-lock's patented locking mechanism is beautifully simple. The lead is simply connected to the appliance as any other IEC lead.

Once the lead has been fitted the IEC-lock mechanism locks it to the appliance, ensuring that the lead cannot become accidentally disconnected.

  • IEC-lock can help to protect computer equipment and servers from becoming accidentally disconnected, helping you to protect your data and your business.
  • IEC-lock can also benefit for added security in Intensive care and other medical equipment. In applications such as this a secure power source can be a matter of life and death.
  • IEC-lock is ideal for electrical equipment in public areas such as gymnasiums, where appliances can be very vulnerable to accidental disconnection.