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Blue RJ45 Outlet Lock Bag of 25 1 key | LOCKRJ45BLUE | Products

Blue RJ45 Outlet Lock Bag of 25 1 key

Blue RJ45 Outlet Lock Bag of 25 1 key The LOCKRJ45BLUE is a RJ45 Block out Outlet Lock Bag of 25 1 key fits securely into any standards compliant RJ45 outlet to block access to the port.
The LOCKRJ45BLUE locks flush within the outlet opening to provide a clean,attractive appearance without obstructing adjacent ports or protruding beyond the outlet opening.
The outlet lock may be safely removed only by using the LOCKRJ45KEYkey.Ideal for isolating and locking empty RJ45 Ports in RJ45 Patch Panels.Thisis a cost-effective way to control physical access to a network.
It is easily implemented and highly manageable,making it suitable for a wide range of applications and vertical markets.Ideal for securing connections in public areas and shared spaces.
It also reduces the risk of severing critical connections in data centres, financial services, health care, and othermission critical networks.

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