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9210 Ucoustic Executive Active Soundproof Racks Cabinet c/w Oak Top, Doors, and Sides

9210 Ucoustic Executive Active Soundproof Racks Cabinet c/w Oak Top, Doors, and Sides

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 9210 Ucoustic Executive Active Soundproof Rack Cabinet c/w Oak Top, Doors and Sides

The Ucoustic Executive Soundproof range of Server Racks is primarily designed and produced to be a state of the art soundproof cabinet which it achieves with ease; but also has the benefit of meeting demands required for a complete all round communications enclosure without compromise to its world class acoustic or thermal performances.

For the uninitiated 28.5dBA is a massive noise reduction to achieve from a 19” enclosure and to achieve this USystems have invested heavily in research and development, utilising state of the art technology and included the latest most effective acoustic materials available.

The amazing noise reduction has been achieved without compromise to cooling the active equipment housed within. In fact the 9210 Ucoustic not only out performs all other 19” enclosures in noise reduction but also in thermal capacity

by achieving a staggering 7.2kW of heat dissipation.

Available in three heights, 12U, 24U and 42U, 780mm wide and 1100mm deep the UCoustic™ 9210 cab comes in two variants Active and Passive.

The Active is designed to deal with higher heat loads and comes complete with two backward curve fans, variable fan speed controlled and temperature sensor, ensuring maximum energy efficiency.

Setting aside its acoustic and thermal capabilities the UCoustic™ 9210 cab is a complete all round communications cabinet, addressing both active and passive equipment in equal measure.