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Introducing the Smart Network Tester from the Developers at Patch App & Go

Introducing the Smart Network Tester from the Developers at Patch App & Go

Smartphones are now part and parcel of everyday life; so, it’s no surprise that an innovative app has made its mark on the IT infrastructure market.

Patch App & Go eradicates the need, and additional expense, of having two men on site to carry out testing. For those working unaccompanied, testing can be a significant task; because of this, the app reduces the overall testing time, offering a substantial benefit to lone workers.

Running on both Android and IOS, Patch App & Go offers both the Continuity Tester and the Cable Tracer to simplify the cable testing process.


Patch App & Go


How Does it Work?

  1. Download – Go to the Apple or Google Play Store to download Patch App & Go.
  2. Visit Netshop – We are a proud supplier of Patch App & Go Smart Remote Plugs, visit our website to pre-order them now and receive 2 additional smart remote plugs free.
  3. Connect – Using your Smart Remote Plugs, connect them to the patch panel socket which you are testing. The app is suitable for testing Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a unshielded or shielded network cables.
  4. Test - As the device performs each test, the results will appear as a pass or fail on your mobile device. If a ‘fail’ is detected, the app will visually display the fault, instantly identifying wire-map errors such as mis-wires, shorts, split pairs and open ends.




Why Should I Change from Traditional Cable Testing Methods?

Traditional Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a cable testing methods offer their own benefits, but have you ever wanted to both test and trace your cables at the click of a button? Patch App & Go allows users to instantly categorise their cables as a pass or fail, whilst also tracing unidentified four pair network cables back to their corresponding wall outlet or patch panel ports. As each of the smart remote plugs has been set up with specific numbers, the app identifies which exact plug has been tested or traced to show accurate results.

Every Patch App & Go testing kit is equipped with six smart remote plugs, with customers having the option of buying extra. Smart remote plugs can be adopted for both tracing and testing any four pair network cable. The T1 Dongle comes with a USB charging cable and is equipped with a 1150mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery.

One of the main benefits of Patch App & Go is that it only needs one person to operate the testing process. With having access to numerous smart remote plugs, users can test various network points continuously, without requiring extra support. This not only saves a substantial amount of time but also cuts down on the cost of needing multiple testing operators, which is a must when using more traditional methods of testing.

Once you have finished testing, all of your results are automatically viewable on your mobile, showing whether the Cat5e, Cat6, or Cat6a cables have passed the test, or you can wire-map for mis-wires, shorts, split pairs, or open ends. Naturally, you will need to then create a report of your findings. This process becomes quick and simple as all of your site test reports save onto your mobile, which you can then view, email, and print for submission to your customers.


How Can I Purchase Patch App & Go?

Download the Patch App & Go app on the Apple or Google Play Store, then pre-order your smart remote plugs here to receive two additional plugs for free. To find out more, get in touch today, and one of our account managers will be able to give you all the information you need.