IRPS1363 Powertxt® Intelligent Remote GSM Controlled Power Socket UK

IRPS1363 Powertxt®  Intelligent Remote GSM Controlled Power Socket UK
Zoom IRPS1363 Powertxt®  Intelligent Remote GSM Controlled Power Socket UK
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IRPS1363 Powertxt® Intelligent Remote GSM Controlled Power Socket UK

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  • IRPS1363 Powertxt® Intelligent Remote GSM Controlled Power Socket UK
  • This wonderful device, the Powertxt® Intelligent Remote GSM Controlled Power Socket not only gives you the ability to remotely turn on / off the power but also it can be pre-set via time/day to save
  • energy when a device is not required. It can also be pre-set via temperature thresholds to ensure equipment is turned off should the temperature become potentially harmful to the hardware.
  • The additional plug in temperature sensor also allows you to ascertain the temperature in a remote location by simply sending an SMS message.
  • The IRPS1363 can also tell you within seconds whether power has been lost via an SMS message giving you an early warning that there are power issues in a remote location.
  • This makes it ideal for specific applications such as refrigeration equipment for restaurant/pharmaceutical businesses and obviously IT hardware which can be mission critical.
  • The thermistor which is on a 3.5 mm jack when used as a temperature alarm can be up to 10 metres from socket using extension cables.
  • This is now a very cost effective non IP based temperature alerting solution where SMS's are sent in seconds so faster than IP solutions.
  • No IP address, no network port, no wait to get it on the network and a true 'out of band' solution where normal methods have failed.
  • The product can operate up to 13A and 3Kw making it ideal for many PC and Server applications.
  • This eco-friendly intelligent power socket can be used to automatically turn on and turn off devices when not required to save valuable energy and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Unlike other programmable sockets, the Powertxt® can be controlled anytime, anywhere by any mobile phone.
  • Please see the main functionality of the socket:
  • 1. SMS when mains power is lost/restored
  • 2. SMS to turn on/off power
  • 3. SMS temperature alerts to 5 people when pre-set min/max temperatures are reached
  • 4. SMS when zero degrees is reached
  • 5. Programme socket via SMS as energy saving device
  • Input 100v-250v/50Hz Output: Maxiumum 13A Manufactured to BS5733 Automatic time and date synchronisation Supplied with built in BS1363 plug/socket

  • Use any PAYG or Contract Sim Card
  • Simple quick set up with SMS commands
  • Remotely operated by SMS commands
  • Supplied with plug in temperature sensor
  • Automatic operation by preset upper / lower temperature thresholds
  • Automatic control using built-in daily / weekly clock
  • Manual on/off button (M Button)
  • Alerts you via SMS if power is lost to unit
  • Recycle power to unit connected by simply sending an SMS
  • Supports one master and four additional numbers

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